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About Us


Sam Topf

I’m Sam, a high school student living in Potomac, Maryland. 


I started Tie Dye By Sam in May 2020 as a way to help raise funds for front line workers fighting COVID. I first started tie dyeing masks and from there expanded my business to include tie dye, bleached and customized apparel. 


Fashion and clothing have always been a love of mine. I love to scour the stores for unique pieces and put different outfits together. There is nothing more exciting than having apparel that is one-of-a-kind. With this, Tie Dye By Sam brings customers just that - original apparel. 


As you look through the Tie Dye By Sam website, you’ll see apparel for sale, along with the steps to create your own original items. Definitely check out the gallery of samples for inspiration. As you will see, everything is original - nothing is exactly the same. 


I look forward to bringing your ideas to life and hope creating your own apparel design is as fun for you as it is for me!


Looking for a fun and creative party idea? I also encourage you to check out my Tie Dye By Sam parties page. Tie Dye By Sam hosts parties both in-person in the Potomac/Bethesda/Rockville, Maryland  area, as well as over Zoom. Tie Dying is so much fun and I love sharing my techniques with kids of all ages. 


Meet My Ambassador Team


Samara Braunstein 

Lauren Freyre

Chicago, IL
Closter, NJ

I love being part of the Tie Dye By Sam team and helping grow the business!!!

I’ve had so much fun sharing these cute clothes with everyone.


Ellie Mollica

Rockville, MD

It’s so great to help promote a business that I’m so excited about and like so much.

Emma Golub

Parkland, FL

I love being an ambassador and helping a small business!!


Alyssa Kessler

Mackenzie Raue

Potomac, MD 
Bethesda, MD 

I love being an ambassador and promoting a brand that I love and think is so cute!

Being an ambassador means I can collaborate with other girls around the US and play a role in helping to expand Tie Dye By Sam.


Chloe Gerber

Holliston, MA

I love being an ambassador because I love to explore new brands and products and share my ideas, promote and support.

Zoe Romeu

Miami, FL

I love being able to help  Tie Dye by Sam grow and progress as a brand, contribute my ideas, and watch Sam create new things for her business!!


Thanks to my amazing Ambassador team, Tie Dye By Sam is helping bring unique apparel to customers nationwide. Tie Dye By Sam is always interested in growing into new markets. If you are interested in joining our team as a Tie Dye by Sam Ambassador, contact me at or fill out the form below.

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